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Introducing the All-New iApotheca Narcotics Reconciliation ™ Module

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

It's no secret that reconciling your narcotics can be stressful. The pharmacy is a busy place; and with the recent pandemic, things have never been crazier.

Yet no matter how much you've got on the go, reconciling is one of those little necessities that won't just go away.

I say 'little', because it really can be little, if handled a certain way. A small, weekly task that keeps you up to date at all times, no stress, no fuss.

But most pharmacists are already feeling stressed with work; run off their feet. Inundated with these 'little' tasks that add up to a mountain of unfinished business. It can be tough to get time to think about how to get your reconciliations on a schedule.

How to figure out a system that works for you.

And that's where the stress comes in, especially since the opioid crisis continues to rage. Right alongside the pandemic.

Which means no matter how busy you are, you still need accurate records. You still need to know exactly where your narcotics inventory is at. And you still need to guard against error, or even worse, theft.

But it's okay- we've got you.

The All-New iApotheca Narcotics Reconciliation™ Module

At iApotheca, we've helped with countless narcotics reconciliations. And I won't lie; nine times out of ten, our pharmacists are super stressed out when it comes to reconciling.

Chances are, you've been there.

But with so many reconciliations under our belt, we know a thing or two about how to make the process easier. So we've taken that knowledge and built an all-new, super simple reconciliation tool.

So what's changed? We've put together a list of everything you can expect, and how it will make your life easier.

New Features that Make Reconciling Easy

Layout: Our simple, all-new layout makes reconciling so easy you'll finish twice as fast.

No More Patient Data: There is no longer a need for any patient data in the system.

All-New Count Checklist: Our simple narcotics reconciliation checklist lets you track your reconciliation every step of the way, so nothing ever gets missed. This guided approach keeps you organized no matter how busy things are in the pharmacy.

Pre-Loadable Counts, to allow for:

  • Quick auto-load of 25% of your inventory (for spot-checks).

  • Adding inventory without a counted value for scheduling future counts. This feature allows you to get all narcotics on a rotating schedule.

  • Downloadable pre-loaded counts (in excel) can be exported, filled in, and re-uploaded to the system.

New Count Item Location Tracking: Now you can have multiple locations for one item, perfect for counting blister packs and med pouch inventory separately.

Fast and Easy Upload Management, including:

  • A file pre-check to alert you to any changes you need to make before you upload.

  • A new preview section where you can preview your reports before importing.

The preview allows you to:

-Review any duplicates before they're discarded

-View/update pack sizes before import in the case of catalog look-ups.

  • Updated spreadsheet reading for easy recognition of all excel formats.

Improved Time Stamps:

  • Imported files can now be given both received & dispensed times while the date stays intact.

  • Counted items are now assigned a recorded time, which makes it easy to count during business hours!

Better Duplication Management: Duplicates are now tracked by Rx#, DIN and fill date; perfect for dispensing records where the Rx# remained the same.

New Investigation Tools:

  • You can now see records within two days of when a med was last counted, as well as a current count, which makes investigation quick and easy.

  • You can now see a visual representation of the data you've entered, which makes it easy to see if you've forgotten to upload a report.

  • Just re-upload a dispensing record and the system will now check and flag records that may have been cancelled between the first and second uploads!

Suggested Manual Adjustments: You'll love this one! Once you're done your count, just upload your on-hand inventory report and iApotheca will suggest manual adjustments to fix your current inventory.

Real-Time Chat Support: Now don't get me wrong, it's not that we won't miss the sound of your voice, but now you can get real time support without having to make a phone call.

But for those of you who want to get your reconciliation done fast and get on with your day (and I think there may be a few of you) this is a game-changer.

So say good-bye to the hassle of narcotics reconciliation! Our new module is in testing and we're getting ready to release it soon!

Stay tuned for more updates, or get in touch for more information!


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