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Day 30: How Your Audience Can Help With Content Creation

Today's Mission: Connect with your readers for user-driven content.

So it's the last day of our challenge, and you've done an amazing job! I really appreciate you joining me for the past 30 days and I hope you learned a lot!

Today we're going to cover how your audience can help you create content! This is great because not only does it help you save time, it's all about what they like to see.

Here are some ways you can get this done!

Open Your Blog to Comments

When you ask your audience for blog comments, you can get so much interesting content! Not only can blog comments add to your SEO efforts, they can help you build a community feel. And of course, comments can be a goldmine of content ideas!

Facebook Comments

This doesn't just go for comments on your Facebook page, although you can get some great ideas there too. Comments in Facebook groups you belong to will give you lots of ideas for content creation. We talked about that in our article Day 29: Simple Ways to Come Up with New Content Ideas.

Surveys & Polls

Surveys & Polls are an amazing way to get your audience to help you with your content. Not only can they share them for you, they'll also leave lots of interesting comments!

Q & A Sessions

There are lots of social platforms that allow you to do Q & A sessions; you can also do them on your blog. Either you can ask questions and your patients can answer you in the comments. Or, you can let them send in questions and you can do a post where you choose several and answer them.

If you get enough, you can even make this a regular feature!


Hosting a discussion is always an interesting way to get ideas for what sorts of content your patients would like to see. If you have a Facebook group, that's an ideal place for a discussion; and your blog is a great place too.

Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is a great way to get your audience to share your content and let you know what they think of it! You can share photos of your staff hard at work, or of any processes in the pharmacy you're particularly proud of. You can also post photos of any events you put on, new products in the front shop.. you get the idea, you can share photos of just about anything.

You can also ask your readers to share photos of themselves using your products. Let's say you wrote a book, for instance; you can ask your patients to upload pictures of themselves reading your work!

Charity Events

Sponsoring a charity event and asking your patients to support your effort is a fun way to get your audience involved. Perhaps you get t-shirts or hats made up to support your charity campaign and give them away to patients. Not only does that help create a sense of community with your patients, it garners support for a great cause.

There are lots of ways to enable user-generated content for your pharmacy, and the bonus is that many of them help build community around your brand. Plus, when you rely on user-generated content to any degree, you know your patients will engage with your posts.

Your mission for today is to decide on one way in the next month that you can connect with your patients for user-driven content. You can use one of the suggested methods here, or come up with your own, as long as it's scheduled, manageable and fun.

And so, this concludes our 30-day marketing challenge and I really appreciate you joining me! As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them on the blog or email me at

Just one more quick note: We talked on Day 23: How to Promote Your Content and Day 25: How to Create Epic Content about hiring an influencer or partnering up with businesses in your community to create content.

Tomorrow, we'll have an article by our very own Spencer Turbitt about how to reach out to form partnerships for your business. I hope you'll enjoy it! Spencer's really good at this, so it should be some interesting stuff.


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