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Privacy Policy



iApotheca Healthcare Inc. is responsible for maintaining and protecting both personal or pharmacy information about you and your employees and your confidential pharmacy information.


As such, we have designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for compliance with our policies and PIPEDA. We sometimes use outside companies, called third parties, to help us provide the product or service you request.


Regardless of the location of these third parties, iApotheca requires these third parties to comply with Canadian privacy legislation and iApotheca's Privacy Principles. Certain third parties may be located in the United States and therefore may also be subject to US legislation.


Identifying Purposes


You have a right to know how your information will be used. We will explain why we need your information before or when we collect it, if the purpose is not already clear. We will assume that the purpose is clearly identified when we use your personal or pharmacy information to:


  • Fulfill your product or service request. *Process your payment, including recurring payments when you request them.

  • Update you as to the status of your order.

  • Alert you to important product revisions or updates.

  • Ensure that you are properly registered to receive technical support for certain products.


iApotheca may also use your information for secondary purposes such as:


  • Telling you about special discounts or offers on iApotheca upgrades or new products and services.

  • Inviting you to participate in customer surveys or other opinion-gathering devices.

  • Providing you with special offers from other companies made available to iApotheca customers.

  • Telling you about educational events, such as training seminars, conferences and online training sessions.


Aggregate data is general information about groups of pharmacies, and does not identify individual customers.


iApotheca may combine your information with that of other pharmacies to create aggregate data which we will use to improve our products and services and develop new ones.


For example, we may tell a third party how many pharmacies have purchased a specific product, but not that your pharmacy in particular purchased a specific product or service.


iApotheca will not disclose your personal, information or the personal or pharmacy information of any of your employees, or your pharmacy information to any third parties without your consent, except under the following limited circumstances:


  • As is reasonably required to fulfill your service or product requirements, provided such third parties shall be bound to appropriate privacy requirements.

  • To comply with a legal process such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, court order or law enforcement request.

  • To resolve a contractual dispute regarding your use of an iApotheca product, service or related account, or if your account may be involved in illegal activities.

  • To protect the personal safety of other users or members of the public in an emergency.




iApotheca will only collect, use and disclose your personal and/or pharmacy information with your knowledge and consent, except where permitted or as required by law.


iApotheca will not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal or pharmacy information without your permission. Your consent to use your personal or pharmacy information will be implied for the following purposes:


  • Fulfilling your product or service request.

  • Updating you as to the status of your order.

  • Alerting you to important product revisions or updates.

  • Ensuring that you are properly registered to receive technical support for certain products.


You control any future secondary use of your personal or pharmacy information, such as sharing it with marketers.


You can prevent future secondary use of your information by "opting out" when iApotheca collects your information or at any time by simply contacting us.


Opting out only applies to the secondary purposes because we may need to contact you regarding the usability of your product or alert you of important product revisions or updates.


iApotheca Healthcare Inc.

Attention: Rachelle Smerhy, Acting Privacy Officer

Unit 19 - 184 Marina Blvd. Peterborough, ON

K9H 6M9 (800) 209-6052


Please note that if you are posting personal or pharmacy information on an online community, this information is publicly available and iApotheca has no further obligations to maintain the privacy of that information.


Limiting Collection


iApotheca will only collect personal or pharmacy information for the purposes we've identified or for the primary uses as we've described above.


We will always do this fairly and legally.


There are several ways we'll collect information:


  • Through the purchase of products or services.

  • Through registrations of purchased products, services or technical support. Through completed iApotheca rebate or coupon certificates that are filled out and mailed in.

  • Through requests for information. From third parties who you authorized to share such information.


Whenever we ask for information that is not required for us to provide the product or service you requested, we will mark those questions appropriately as optional.




iApotheca uses a variety of Web technologies on our Web sites. Among these are cookies, which are pieces of information that our Web sites provide to your browser.


Cookies allow us to track overall site usage and determine areas users prefer.


Cookies also allow us to customize your visit to our Web sites by recognizing you when you return.


Cookies cannot be used to see any other data on your computer, nor can they determine your e-mail address or identity. Most browsers accept and maintain cookies by default.


Check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preference. You can choose to decline cookies while at our Web site, but this may limit your ability to access certain areas of the Web site.


To purchase and download products from and to use the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite online application, your browser must be able to accept cookies.


Cookies are required for these services to authenticate registered users and to provide access to certain areas of our Web sites that are available to limited registered users only.


Cookies are deleted when you close your browser, as well; this authentication becomes invalid after a certain period of time.


With or without cookies, our Web sites track usage data, such as the source address that a page request is coming from, your IP address or domain name, the date and time of the page request, the referring Web site (if any) and other parameters in the URL.


We use this data to better understand Web site usage in the aggregate so that we know what areas of our Web site users prefer.


This information is stored in log files and is used for aggregated and statistical reporting. This log information is not linked to personal or pharmacy information gathered elsewhere on the site.


Co-Branded Sites


Any iApotheca co-branded sites will be clearly identified by both an iApotheca and a third-party logo. iApotheca Canada's Web sites may provide links to third-party Web sites, such as those of online advertisers and companies which have been carefully screened by iApotheca.


On these sites, third parties and iApotheca may collect information about you. iApotheca is not responsible for the actions of these third parties, and iApotheca's collection of personal or pharmacy information is in accordance with our privacy practices.


We encourage you to review their privacy policies to learn more about how they collect, use and share personal or pharmacy information.


Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention


iApotheca will not use or disclose your personal or pharmacy information other than for the purposes for which it was collected, with the exception of receiving your consent or as permitted or required by law. When providing information in response to a legal inquiry or order, we will verify its validity and only disclose information that is legally required.


iApotheca will keep personal or pharmacy information only as long as necessary for the identified purposes or as required by law. iApotheca will follow internally set guidelines and use care in the disposal, destruction, or de-identification of personal or pharmacy information to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to personal or pharmacy information.




iApotheca will keep your information as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the identified purposes for which it was collected. We encourage you to let us know if your contact information changes.


To change your privacy preferences and personal or pharmacy information, please contact Rachelle Smerhy-Hallin at


The iApotheca online application users should make any updates, modifications, or deletions to their information directly through the Web site.


There are certain changes that cannot be made to ensure the most efficient service and the highest quality security.




We protect personal or pharmacy information in our possession and control by using security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. iApotheca works to protect personal or pharmacy information from loss, misuse and unauthorized alteration using industry-recognized security safeguards.


We restrict internal access to personal or pharmacy information to select members of iApotheca's staff. If you are using the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite online, we encrypt your information and store it safely on our secure servers, which reside in Canada.


iApotheca does not store any pharmacy or healthcare information outside of Canada. Unless you give us specific consent, you are the only one who will have access to your information, subject to legislated exceptions.




This policy is an overview of information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal or pharmacy information. Any changes or modifications to our privacy practices will be posted in this policy for 30 days before they take effect.


We will not make retroactive changes to the practices associated with your personal or pharmacy information without your consent.


Individual Access


Subject to exceptions as permitted or mandated by law and subject to your written request for such information, iApotheca will inform you of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal or pharmacy information and give you access to that information.


You have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of your information and have it amended as appropriate.


Challenging Compliance


You may contact iApotheca's Privacy Officer with questions, comments or complaints regarding iApotheca's privacy policy and practices. Please see contact information given above.


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