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iApotheca Narcotics Reconciliation

Learn how our tool can help you save hours of time and eliminate the headache of investigating discrepancies.

We've helped over 1000 pharmacies across Canada reconcile their narcotics.

Learn how to solve discrepancies fast and keep your pharmacy compliant.


Drastically reduce the amount of time narcotic reconciliations take to complete using our discrepancy investigation features.

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Smart Notifications When you Need Them

Instantly receive notifications letting you know which specific narcotics are due to be reconciled.  Adjust the schedule to meet the frequency in which you prefer or your local regulations require.
(text notifications are in beta).


Stress-Free Pharmacy Inspections

With the Narcotics Reconciliation Module, you're always prepared for your next inspection. Now you can delight pharmacy inspectors with complete, on-demand spot checks of past reconciliations and discrepancies in mere seconds!


Reconcile Narcotics in Only Minutes Per Week

Narcotics reconciliation can be time-consuming, and your pharmacy is busy! With iApotheca, you can schedule short, cyclical weekly counts so your narcotics are always reconciled, in only minutes per week!

Case Studies

St. George Ancaster Pharmacy


"Prior to using the narcotic reconciliation tool, we were completing reconciliations manually. The process would typically take us 2-3 days including the time it takes to count the narcotics and the time it takes for all discrepancies to be investigated.  We looked for another way to reconcile due to the headache that it had been causing us to reconcile.

We have now been using the tool for 1 year and our favorite aspects are that everything is in one final report and the support team helps walk you through the process at each step of the way.

It still takes 1 day working on and off to count the narcotics but the reconciliation portion is now completed in as little as 15 minutes.  Using the tool has eliminated the need for us to track narcotics using cards and logging things the way we used to have to.

I have already recommended the tool to one of my friends in the community."

-Khayrat Saad, Pharmacy Owner & Manager

Continental Pharmacy, Vancouver B.C.


"Before we began using your tool we would print off all of the purchasing and dispensing reports and manually match what has been purchased, dispensed and on hand in order to reconcile the narcotics.  As the pharmacy is still quite new, reconciling without the tool was taking about 2 hours with a small portion of narcotics.  We were looking for a better solution in order make the process more efficient.

We have used the tool for 1 year now and it has helped neatly organize everything and provide a final report that summarizes our reconciliation.  Our reconciliation has gone from taking 2 hours to now taking only 45 minutes to complete.

My favorite aspect of the tool is the ability to upload purchase reports without the need to manually match what is purchased to what is dispensed and on hand.  We have already recommended the tool to our other store location."

-Ada Lee, Pharmacy Manager

Parkdale Community Pharmacy, Toronto

"I like how iApotheca calls to followup on how the reconciliation process is going and provides help with getting through any discrepancies that come up.

We reconcile one third of our narcotics every 30 days and a reconciliation only takes us 1 and 1/2 hours now using the tool, which includes the time it takes to count the inventory.

My favourite aspect of the tool is how it compiles reports together that help you visualize your reconciliation and investigate any discrepancies that exist.

I would definitely recommend this tool to other pharmacies."

-Tiago Paulino, Pharmacy Techniican

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Narcotics Reconciliation Module

  • Why buy from iApotheca Healthcare? What makes us so special?
    iApotheca knows pharmacists! We've spent several years working closely with pharmacists in all kinds of work settings to design tools to make your life easier! Our products are geared toward compliance while saving time and money and increasing pharmacy revenue.
  • Are there any hidden costs or any extra fees?
    No, there are no other hidden fees or setup costs.
  • What's included in the support service?
    If you know iApotheca, you know our support is second to none. We're quick to respond, knowledgeable about our products and we get things sorted fast. Our tool includes unlimited phone, email and ticket support with our customer support specialists from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time.
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    No way! We offer month to month and annual payment options with no long term contracts and no cancellation fees.

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