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The Top 3 Ways Delivery Software Will Help Grow Your Business

With COVID-19, the demand for delivery has skyrocketed and pharmacies everywhere now deliver. It just makes sense; after all, delivery is a great way to increase revenue and grow your pharmacy business.

Yet offering delivery has its own set of challenges.

From delivering on time to keeping your patients happy, it's all about the details. And then there's the audit trail, compliance, and of course keeping costs down.

Organization is key to your success, and for that, you need a simple, cost-effective system. Your system also becomes more important as your delivery operation grows. More deliveries mean more delivery routes and more drivers.

Which means you need to start out right and stay on point.

Luckily, a great delivery management software can help you get there. From saving time and money on fuel costs to keeping you organized, delivery software is a must.

So what are the top three benefits of using delivery management software? We've got them right here:

Done-For-You Route Planning

A delivery system with route planning and optimization will save you hours of planning time. It will also mean faster delivery, which means your drivers can deliver more orders.

There's just no substitute.

If you're planning routes yourself, you could spend hours poring over routes. And you still won't get anywhere near the efficiency a route planning tool will.

Route optimization saves time and fuel by laying out the shortest, fastest route. It also saves the hours of frustration you can expect when planning the route yourself.

As your delivery service grows, those time savings will be significant.

So how does EconoRoute™ route planning work? It's so simple. Just add your orders to a run and when you're ready click the EconoRoute™ button.

Our software will calculate the fastest route for your delivery run in seconds. And, it'll account for factors such as traffic delays, weather and more.

Have a change in your route? With EconoRoute™ your driver can add or delete stops on the spot. The platform will recalculate your route based on his or her location.

Which means you'll get accurate tracking and ETAs, which makes for happier patients. And that's the bottom line.

Effective Driver Management

As your delivery team grows, you'll need a way to track drivers and run progress fast. Sure, you can call drivers to check in as needed, but that's time-consuming. How much time do you actually have in a day for calling around to your delivery team?

A delivery management software makes it easy to track driver progress. With direct messaging and real-time route tracking, you're always informed.

So when a patient calls in asking when their delivery will arrive, you can tell them.

And, with EconoRoute™, you can add new drivers to your team at the touch of a button. Which means you can grow your team without ever being limited by your delivery management software.

With EconoRoute™ driver management is fast and easy, with no disruptions to your business growth; the platform is built to help you expand your delivery service.


Every pharmacy has its busy times; certain times of the day, week or year. So whether it's an evening rush or a busy holiday season, you need a flexible system to help you through those busy times.

With EconoRoute™, it's easy to add increased orders or even temporary staff to your routes. With unlimited route planning and tracking, the system offers the flexibility you need, so you needn't stress during high-demand periods.

If you're looking to grow your delivery service, delivery management software is a must. Using the shortest, quickest routes saves you both time and money. Real-time route tracking means never missing an ETA. Which also means fewer missed deliveries and less return visits.

And, EconoRoute™ grows with your team.

Want more information on how our platform will help grow your delivery service? Call for a demo today!


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