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How to Deliver Safe and Easy Patient Care With iApotheca

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Introducing Our All-New Prescription Delivery Software

iApotheca is super excited to announce our all-new Prescription Deliveries Software. As you may know, at iApotheca our focus is on making pharmacy life easier.

So why the focus on deliveries software?

I admit that the initial concept came from requests we got from pharmacists at the start of COVID-19. If you're a pharmacist, I'm sure you can understand. A global health crisis. Panicked patients. No set rules of engagement.

For many pharmacies, it was chaos.

From massive refill requests to constant questions, most pharmacies were crazy busy. And as more businesses closed across all sectors, pharmacists needed a way to deliver safer patient care. Prescription delivery came up more than once as a way to achieve that. So iApotheca answered that call with our new delivery software.

And while it was an interesting idea from the start, given the issues raised by COVID, it had other appeal as well. The more we looked into it, the more the long-term potential for pharmacies became obvious.


For one thing, we live in a delivery culture; everything from food to groceries is up for delivery these days. And throughout North America, pharmacy delivery is becoming the norm. So it makes total sense. The potential for better patient care and increasing revenue with delivery is huge. We recently wrote an article on the subject; you can read it here.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

For another thing, almost all major pharmacy chains are now offering delivery service. Which means independents need an affordable way to keep up without spending a lot of time. After all, in the middle of a healthcare crisis if there's one thing pharmacies don't have, it's time. We get that, so we made simplicity a priority.

So what can you expect from the new software?

Our Quick and Easy Must-Have Features


We’re proud of this one! We designed EconoRoute to make your life easier.

What is it?

It's our system's way of optimizing your route to save both time and money.

How does it work?

Once you've added your orders to your run, click the EconoRoute button. The software will then put your deliveries in order according to the fastest route. With EconoRoute, you don't need to take time to figure out what order to deliver your packages in. This feature calculates the shortest distance between all your drop-off points.


So the system can re-order your run to make sure your drivers are on the fastest, most efficient route. No more zigzagging through the city wasting time and fuel.

It's amazing!

So how many orders can EconoRoute sort for you? As many as you need; all you need to do is click!

Fast, Accurate Address Completion

Adding addresses is a breeze with our accurate auto-completion. When you add an address, it auto-populates for you, allowing you to accept with one click. It couldn’t be easier!

Simple Order Repetition

When creating a repeat delivery, all you need to do is start typing in a customer’s name. The system will then show you all previous deliveries matching your search criteria.

Which means super quick entry for repeat customers.

Quick Calling

With EconoRoute, patient phone numbers are front and centre in the driver app.

How does that benefit you?

It allows your drivers to call and coordinate delivery with patients with just one click!

Team Management and Multiple Locations

Have multiple locations? Over the years we've worked with many pharmacists who own or manage more than one store. Our new delivery software takes this into account.

In short, we've made to make managing your teams easy. With EconoRoute, you have one login and one URL for all your stores. You can flip back and forth between locations at the touch of a button. So you always know the status of all your deliveries!

Oh, and managing staff is easy too! You can invite them to any team you want.

All with one login.

Easy Sign Up

As I mentioned earlier, ease of use is an important part of the software. Even without being in the middle of a healthcare crisis, you can't spend valuable time learning complicated software. We’ve built our deliveries platform to be super easy to learn and use.

How easy?

You can get started in three quick steps:

1) Create a run.

2) Add orders to your run.

3) Hit the ‘EconoRoute’ button.

And you’re ready to deliver! No more registering and waiting around; with EconoRoute you can sign up at 8:00 a.m. and be driving by 8:05 the same morning!

Signup is that easy!

Want to hear more about how our prescription delivery software can increase your revenue? Book an online demo today!

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