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Day 15: More Ideas for Repurposing Your Content

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today's Mission: Your Repurposing Plan

Yesterday we talked about the benefits of repurposing your content. By taking your content and developing it into different formats, you save time and effort. And, depending on what channels you post to, you can reach different segments of your audience.

Which means that, for example, by writing one article, you can actually come up with several different pieces of content. There's no need to do all that research and hard work and only use it once.

Today, we've got lots more ideas on repurposing content, just to make it easier to decide which formats you can use.

So here are a few more suggestions on alternate formats for your content:

· Webinars

Yesterday, we used a webinar as an example of content you can repurpose. Webinars are simple to repurpose and you can reuse them in a variety of ways. You can transcribe your webinars and share them as audio files or make podcasts out of them. You can turn your webinars into eBooks, blog posts or case studies. Or, you can use them as-is, posting them to Youtube so those who didn't attend can watch them there.

· Slideshows

Slideshows are great for all sorts of things. If you've created one for your webinar, you can upload it to sites like You can also use your slide content in eBooks, blogs or as outlines for articles. Slides make for wonderful visual content, and they're quick and easy to repurpose.

· Images

If you've got images you're using for reports, blog posts or other content, you can reuse them as well. You can use them as social media posts with text overlay, and plug them into almost any other project. If you're looking for a great tool to make creating gorgeous images easy, try a software like Canva. It's simple to use and you can create almost anything.

One word of warning though: If you're looking to repurpose images, be sure that you own the rights to do so. If it's a stock image, check the license. If someone else has taken the photo for you, be sure to get permission first.

· Infographics

If you're creating an infographic, chances are you're gathering lots of data. You can use each point on your infographics as separate blog articles or social media posts.

Once you've done this, you can combine them all to create an eBook. Or, you can look at offering your book on Amazon KDP so people can buy it there. You can also use infographics as the basis for Youtube videos or webinars. There are just so many possibilities!

· Articles

Articles present a great opportunity to recreate your content in different formats. Say you write an article with 9 points; you can make it into a slide show.

Or, you can break those points down into 9 blog posts, each focused on a single point. The same goes for 9 videos, or 9 emails, and so on, discussing each point in more detail.

· Blog Posts

Blog posts are much like articles in that they're super versatile. You can use blog posts to create an email series, or combine them into eBooks, video scripts for Youtube and more.

· Podcasts

People love podcasts, and they're super easy to transcribe, edit and expand on. Which means podcasts can provide material for case studies, blog posts, and so much more.

· Facebook Live Sessions

Once you've done a Facebook live, you can download it and put it on Youtube. Or, you can transcribe it to text for blog posts, eBooks, reports, articles and give it away as a free resource.

· Live Events

Live events are a bit scarce these days, for good reason; but once the pandemic is behind us, they can be a great idea. If you're hosting a live event, get permission to capture everything on audio and video. You can use the information you gather for new content; and you can offer the recordings to attendees.

Some other examples of how you can reuse your content are:

  • Video training series

  • Worksheets

  • Printables

  • Checklists

  • Lead generation or opt-in pieces

  • Autoresponder series

  • Email courses

  • Seminars

  • Newsletters

Giving thought to how you can use your content in different ways makes content creation less daunting. You'll find that as you get good at this, creating for your audience becomes so much easier. It will also help build trust and brand awareness, grow your audience and revenue.

Your mission for today is to choose two to three different content formats listed above that you don't know much about. do some research into how much effort it would take to create your content in that format. Look for different resources, and talk to your staff to find out if they have any knowledge about different types of content.

Do you have someone on staff who makes videos in their spare time? Great! Delegate creating a video to them. Have a writer on staff? Perfect, they can help with some of the text content.

Now look at the content ideas you went over yesterday; we took 3 existing content pieces or ideas and generated 3 different repurposing ideas for each. Add today's formats to the list, now that you know more about them.

See how easy it is to come up with repurposing ideas? By now, you've got an entire repurposing plan, and that should feel pretty good.

Have fun with it; the key to great content is getting everyone involved! I hope you're enjoying the challenge so far. The idea is to learn about ways to boost your marketing results in a fun and relaxed way. And of course, increase your productivity!

See you back here tomorrow for Day 16 of the challenge!


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