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Day 10: Creating Your Content- Know Your Options

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today's Mission: Learn About Different Content Formats

The beautiful thing about content creation is that you can present it in so many formats. This benefits you in a couple of different ways; first, you get to be creative, and that's always much more fun.

And second, by creating one piece of content in several formats, you'll save time and effort.

So what are the different content formats you can use?

Here's a list of different ways you can engage readers with different types of content to consume:

Text Content

This includes any written content; blog articles, white papers, eBooks and more. Text-based content means people will need to read it to consume it. You can repurpose text content into many other formats; checklists, infographics and more.

Graphics & Images

People are often very visual, which means they adore images! Any content that uses colourful, interesting images is a great way to get attention. You can also add images to content to help people understand it better.

Graphics and images break up your content, and they're great for social media posts.


Infographics are perfect for those big, data-driven posts that need appealing visual presentation. They're great for showing off your data and statistics in a way that's easier to understand and digest.

Infographics are a creative way to present even the most dry subject matter in a more fun way.


Video is an important part of content marketing. Why? Because most people love video. Take a look at some of the popular video platforms; YouTube and Facebook Live, for example.

And there are so many more.

No matter who your audience is, you can bet that video is a great way to reach them with your content. And once you've created your videos you can transcribe them for even more types of content.


Perhaps as popular as video is audio content, especially podcasts. Podcasts are audio only content. They're great because your audience can take them wherever they go and listen on any device.

Which means they can listen at work, while driving, or even in bed before going to sleep. You can turn all your content into audio; it's fast and easy.

Graphs, Charts & Diagrams

When you display your content in graph, chart or diagram form you make it easier to understand your ideas. Visuals such as these help your audience grasp the topic, which is always positive.

And, graphs, charts, and diagrams always look great, spicing up your content.


For action-oriented posts, it's always fun to include a downloadable checklist with it? This gives your audience a usable tool from the post that they can use to meet a goal.

Plus, checklists are easy to format and decorate, and they're more content for your site.

Interactive Content

Everyone loves interactive content. Quizzes, games and apps are easier than ever, with so many platforms out there for creating them. People adore taking little tests that will tell them more about themselves.

Ever visit a website and find yourself filling out a quick quiz? They grab your attention, and we all love to do them. Your audience was too.


GIFs are short video clips that run on a loop. GIFs are amazing when you want to explain something that's hard to describe in words. For instance, if you have a task you need your readers to perform, a GIF is perfect. People love GIFs- they're so popular.

When making up your content marketing plan, you can decide which formats to post content in. The possibilities are endless, so you can have lots of fun with it.

For instance, you could write up a 'how to' blog post and turn it into a video. Or an infographic. Or checklist.

See? Endless.

Your mission for today is to think about the best ways to present your content. Given your target reader, which types do you think would be best for them to consume?

When you're surfing the web, which content grabs your attention, and which do you find easiest to use? By thinking about your content formats now, you'll have an idea of which way to go when it comes time to make your plan.

Have fun and we'll see you back here for Day 11!

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