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Day 5 & 6: Review and Integrate

We've covered a lot this week! I hope you're looking forward to week 2 of our 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge as much as I am. Week 1 flew by, so it's important to take some time to review and integrate what you've learned over the weekend. Over the next couple of days I would recommend that you do three things:

  • Be sure that you've downloaded and completed the action items for each day so you're ready to go on Monday (Day 7).

  • Take time to give some serious thought to your content marketing strategy. Be sure to have some goals thought out, to start thinking about what your audience needs.

  • Give some thought to delegation and how to manage the daily to-dos for your content marketing. While content marketing needn't take a lot of time, it is an addition to your schedule. So be sure to map out who you can get to assist you and what they can do.

And that's it.

Please remember that your content strategy should add joy to your work life, not stress. It should help you make a deeper connection to your patients. And, it should give them the resources they need for better health, and a better life.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend thinking about building your business. See you back here Monday for Day 7!

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