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Day 16: How to Stay Clear on the Goal of Each Piece of Content

Today's Mission: Set a clear goal for each piece of content.

Understanding your goals for every piece of content you create makes things simpler. It helps you create the right content for the right audience, and be able to tell them what action to take (CTAs).

So what are some potential goals for your content? While you'll most certainly have different goals as you go on, the following is a great starter list:

· Developing Brand Awareness

Some of the content you post will be to make more people aware of your brand. There's a range of content that works for this, including webinars, blog posts and podcasts. Another, more far-reaching way to build up your brand is by publishing books on Amazon KDP.

When you create content for this purpose, you don't expect to make sales with it. Instead, you want people to engage with it, recognize your brand and share it with others so they'll recognize your brand too.

· List Building

You should devote part of your content to list building, and we'll talk about this a bit more in future articles. In the meantime, what is list building? List building refers to building up a collection of email addresses that you can send out marketing emails to, with permission of course.

Say you put together an eBook and list it on your website.

Patients can opt-in with their email to download the book. They can also check a box to give you permission to send future emails.

In the end, the longer your email list, the more people you can market to, which is why an email list is considered a business asset. The type of content you can use for email lists is anything you'd like to give away as a freebie (also called a lead magnet or opt-in).

Your lead magnets should also have their own landing page and opt-in forms.

· Increasing Engagement

Social media content in particular tends to increase engagement by your audience. The more discussion you can get going as far as comments, shares and likes, the better.

Engagement gives you a way to interact with your audience, to get feedback. Questionnaires, surveys and discussion starters are great for increasing engagement.

· Driving Traffic

Content meant to drive traffic can mean both on-site and off-site content. On-site content is pretty obvious. You post content on your site and drive traffic to it via social media and other channels.

As far as off-site traffic, you've got some options. You can look into guest blogging for a blog that writes for a similar target market to yours. Or, you can find (and pay) an influencer to endorse your brand, and include a special offer for their readers.

Another way to drive traffic is by hosting contests; contests are a fun and easy way to get more eyes on your site.

· Lead Generation

Like content intended for list building, your lead generation should involve lead magnets. By offering something of value for free to your audience, you've got a higher chance of them opting in to your list.

· Front Shop Sales

Using your website or blog to drive more front shop sales is a great goal. You can do it in subtle ways. Blog posts comparing products work wonders. As will helpful articles about products that can help ease certain conditions.

It's important for your content to focus on benefits to your patients rather than features. That is, talk about what the product will do for the patient, rather than all the things the product has going for it.

And as with anything, don't forget to add a strong call-to-action!

· Customer Retention

If your patients love the experience you provide, they'll stick with you. This is where being in touch with their needs and offering solutions is helpful. For example, you can post blog articles about common conditions or answers to health questions. There are so many ways to address your audience's needs and drive customer retention.

It's important to note that when you're deciding on a goal for your content, each piece should have only one. And remember to keep your CTAs strong.

Your mission for today is to decide on your initial goals for your blog. Would you like to drive more traffic to your store? Increase engagement? Hear glowing reports from patients who are loving your content online?

Once you know what your beginning goals are, go over your content schedule so far. Be sure to list one crystal clear goal for each piece of content. And, be sure that it fits into your overarching mission.

As you move forward, you can start gauging response and adjust your strategy from there. That's it for today!

See you back here for Day 17!


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