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Day 12 & 13: Review and Integrate

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I hope you've had an amazing week; Week 2 of the iApotheca Content Management Challenge has officially come to a close! We got so much done this week, and you should be proud of your progress.

Hopefully you're starting to see your plan come together at this point as far as who your target audience is and what you can offer them.

Over the weekend, it's ideal if you can take some time to:

  • Make sure you've downloaded and finished all the action items for each day this week so you're good to go again on Monday (Day 14).

  • Take some time out to sit and think about your content; what formats you'd like to create it in, what you'd like to offer your audience. And of course, how you can save time by repurposing in the future.

  • If your staff is not yet fully involved, how can you move toward sharing ideas and better delegating tasks? Remember, this should be a joint effort for maximum effect.

Other than that, just try to have some fun and be creative with your plan! At it's very heart, it's about figuring out great ways to help your patients get healthier, and as a pharmacist, that's what you do best.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and come up with some great ideas for growing your business. We'll catch you back here Monday for Day 12!

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