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3 Amazing Ways Offering Delivery Will Benefit Pharmacy Operations

Prescription delivery is exploding. And if you're like most pharmacy owners, you're already reaping the rewards. After all, it's 2020; delivery service is no longer an option, it's a must-have. We know this. And one of the most important benefits of delivery is patient convenience. These days, your patients can get almost anything delivered right to their door, fast. If you're not offering the same amazing service, they'll go to someone who is. But the great thing about offering delivery is that your patients are not the only ones who benefit. Your pharmacy can benefit from delivery service in several important ways. So, what are some ways you can get the most out of your prescription delivery service? Improved Medication Adherence We all know what a serious problem medication adherence can be. Serious health complications. Increased healthcare costs. The list of issues created by low adherence is long and grim.

Which is why pharmacies are under constant pressure to address adherence in their patient care strategies.

How can delivery help? There have been several studies on the link between medication delivery and adherence. The numbers are encouraging, to say the least. For example, a 2016 study by Kaiser Permanente found patients who filled their scripts in the pharmacy were adherent 47% of the time. But patients who got their prescriptions by mail-order took their meds 74% of the time.

A 2015 study by OptumRx saw higher adherence rates across 5 medication classes with delivery. The study went on to state that delivery outperformed retail stores in promoting adherence. But here's the thing; when it comes to delivery, not everyone is on board with mail order. From a lack of predictability to security concerns, studies have shown patients may shy away from receiving their scripts by mail. Which makes prescription delivery a great opportunity to improve adherence in your patients.

Which makes it a win-win situation.

Better Use of Pharmacy Resources

Pharmacy delivery can have a positive impact on your pharmacy resources. Which means you save time and money. How? If done right, you should find your delivery service helps your staff to:

  • Fill prescriptions faster with increased accuracy, thus reducing labour and error costs.

  • Increase your patient base by winning over patients who use online or mail order pharmacies.

  • Extend your hours and services through mobile or phone ordering without staffing costs.

  • Offer opportunities to create a unique patient experience.

And with the right software, your service should eliminate the need for route planning and minimize travel time. All while helping you keep your deliveries organized and efficient.

In short, your delivery service should streamline processes and decrease costs. While increasing revenue, of course.

Decreased Medical Waste

By streamlining operations with delivery, you help improve accuracy. Combine that with increased medication adherence, and you've got a lot less waste. Why is that important? Other than reducing medical waste costs, there are several reasons. Reducing medical waste can have big benefits as far as the environment. It helps keep our landfills and water supplies safe. That's something every business can get behind.


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