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Days 26 & 27: Review and Integrate

Today's Mission: Review & Integrate

Well, we're at the end of Week 4 of our Content Marketing Challenge and I hope you learned a lot this week! I also hope you're starting to see things come together as far as your content marketing plan and where to take it.

At this stage, you should be getting lots of great ideas for content and different ways to reach patients; both current and potential.

This weekend, try to:

  • Downloaded and take a look at any action items that you've missed. If there are any you still need to take a look at from earlier in the challenge, print them out and try to schedule the activities.

  • Take some time if you can to think about your content marketing plan so far. Are there any blanks you need to fill in? Let your imagination lead as you brainstorm possibilities and fill in your plan.

  • Get ready to show your plan to your staff. The challenge will be over this upcoming week, so once your plan is complete, it's time to start creating! You'll need involvement and creativity from your staff to make your plan the best it can be.

Aside from this, just have some fun!

Have a great weekend and let's let those ideas flow! We'll see you back here Monday for Day 28 and the last three days of our challenge!

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