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Introducing the new iApotheca Delivery Software with EconoRoute™

Create a run, add orders and start delivering to your patients in minutes!

Serving Over 1000 Pharmacies Across Canada

Our Services

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Increase Revenue and Improve Patient Care

Now you can offer your patients the best in patient care and increase revenue with the new iApotheca Pharmacy Delivery Software. 

It's fast and simple to use and makes record-keeping easy. 

Best of all, our EconoRoute™ feature saves you time and money!

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Narcotics Reconciliation

Accurate and Compliant

With the iApotheca Narcotics Reconciliation Module you can reduce the time it takes to reconcile your narcotics inventory by up to 80%.

Have an inspection coming up? With our accurate system and convenient reporting, your narcotics inventory will be inspection-ready at all times.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have worked with iApotheca on numerous initiatives that have assisted our members.


Time and again, iApotheca has proven to be an excellent partner, the quality of their work is outstanding and they are always professional."

-David Montisano, Director of Operations at OnPharm-United

"The team at iApotheca is knowledgeable, personable, attentive and responsive. Can always count on them to provide our members with quality service and support."

-Sherif Guorgui, CEO, United Pharma Group

"Healthcare has rarely used technology to enhance day to day operations that assist patients.


iApotheca strives to understand the complexities and demands of operations in a pharmacy and then creates a solution that makes a pharmacists life a lot easier."

-Dean Miller, President & CEO, Whole Health Pharmacy Partners

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