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iApotheca Temperature Monitoring

Never worry about losing inventory in the event of a fridge failure again.

Smart Temperature Monitoring

The iApotheca Smart Temperature Monitoring System eliminates the need to log your fridge temperatures manually, and our accurate reporting makes inspections quick and stress-free. 

The iApotheca Temperature Monitoring System!

Watch the video now to find out how our iApotheca Temperature Module makes manual logging a thing of the past!

Effortlessly Track Fridge Temperatures

Temperature Monitoring Pharmacy

Smart Notifications When you Need Them

Instantly receive notifications when fridge temperatures are out of the acceptable range. 

You'll also know immediately when the connection has been lost to the device during a power outage.

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Automatically Log Temperatures up to Every 10 Minutes

Now you can configure your iApotheca Fridge Monitor to record temperatures as often as every ten minutes.

Eliminate the need to track fridge temperatures manually while keeping accurate logs.

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View Reports of Temperatures Over any Date Range

Your iApotheca Temperature Monitoring Module stores all your data in a convenient format that allows for easy reporting. 

Got an inspection coming up? Now you can generate reports at the touch of a button!

Frequently Asked Questions

About iApotheca Temperature Monitoring

Why buy from iApotheca Healthcare? What makes us so special?

iApotheca knows pharmacists! We've spent several years working closely with pharmacists in all kinds of work settings to design tools to make your life easier! Our products are geared toward compliance while saving time and money and increasing pharmacy revenue.

Are there any hidden costs or any extra fees?

No, there are no other hidden fees or setup costs.

What's included in the support service?

If you know iApotheca, you know our support is second to none. We're quick to respond, knowledgeable about our products and we get things sorted fast. Our tool includes unlimited phone, email and ticket support with our customer support specialists from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No way! We offer month to month and annual payment options with no long term contracts and no cancellation fees.

My fridge has always seemed to work fine. What happens if I put this off?

There are two potential concerns for pharmacies not using a temperature logging and alerting device. The first is an increased risk of losing inventory in a power outage or fridge failure. The second is missing temperature logs due to the need for manually tracking temperatures daily.

How does the temperature device work?

The temperature device works with your wireless internet connection and checks the temperature every 10 minutes to ensure it is within a reasonable range and record it for your records.

What is the cost of your temperature monitoring service?

There is a one-time fee for the hardware device and a small monthly monitoring fee for the software.

How secure is your platform?

The Narcotic Reconciliation Tool is both PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant and is secured with SSL and database-level encryption to protect all data hosted within it and during transmission.

How long do the wireless devices last?

The temperature devices normally need to be replaced after 7-10 years.