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iApotheca Temperature Monitoring

Never worry about losing inventory in the event of a fridge failure again.

Smart Temperature Monitoring

The iApotheca Smart Temperature Monitoring System eliminates the need to log your fridge temperatures manually, and our accurate reporting makes inspections quick and stress-free. 

The iApotheca Temperature Monitoring System!

Watch the video now to find out how our iApotheca Temperature Module makes manual logging a thing of the past!

Effortlessly Track Fridge Temperatures

Smart Notifications When you Need Them

Instantly receive notifications when fridge temperatures are out of the acceptable range. 

You'll also know immediately when the connection has been lost to the device during a power outage.

Automatically Log Temperatures up to Every 10 Minutes

Now you can configure your iApotheca Fridge Monitor to record temperatures as often as every ten minutes.

Eliminate the need to track fridge temperatures manually while keeping accurate logs.

View Reports of Temperatures Over any Date Range

Your iApotheca Temperature Monitoring Module stores all your data in a convenient format that allows for easy reporting. 

Got an inspection coming up? Now you can generate reports at the touch of a button!

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