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The Use of Digital Health Technologies in Pharmacy Practice

In a recent survey released in August 2014, Canada Health Infoway partnered with the Canadian Pharmacists Association in order to explore the perceptions and beliefs of the Canadian pharmacy community in relation to the benefits of digital pharmacy practice. The results of the online survey indicated that the industry is currently undergoing a distinct shift from paper-based to digital procedures, with only 5% of respondents reporting that they are currently using a paper-based system, 86% indicating a combination of both paper-based and digital procedures and 9% advising that they have made the transition to an exclusively electronic platform. Statistics indicated that those pharmacies using provincial drug information systems (DIS) used the digital platform frequently, with 49% accessing the system with every patient prescription and 37% utilizing the system several times per day. This survey also indicated a high degree of confidence among pharmacists in relation to the accuracy of the information the system provided and 92% of respondents advised that the use of an electronic DIS enhanced quality of care for their patients. Indeed there are a multitude of benefits that come with digitalizing pharmacy business processes through the use of a comprehensive yet highly intuitive platform such as the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite. From a significant reduction in error to increased efficiency in reporting and an increased accessibility to accurate digital records and reports, which are particularly useful during processes such as accreditation and pharmacy audits, making the transition to a digital platform will help streamline workflow, saving both time and money. The iApotheca Pharmacy Suite consists of several core modules, which focus on a variety of day-to-day pharmacy procedures, from facilitating smooth and error-free med changes, collecting and reporting overall Key Performance Indicators, providing a simple and streamlined delivery process and a variety of other essential functions. For example, results have indicated that the use of the iApotheca Workflow Module can reduce error rates by up to 40%, while the Incident Reporting Module helps pharmacies to view trends in operational errors and therefore reduce error by at least 50%. For more information on the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite and the use of digital health technologies in your pharmacy, please see our iApotheca Case Studies and contact us at (800) 209-6052 to set up a free, no-obligation demo with one of our knowledgeable staff.