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The Impact of Digital Healthcare on Canadian Pharmacies

Over the past several years Canada has seen a significant increase in digital healthcare– from the way patients interact with their primary healthcare providers to the digital collection and storage of vital patient records, digital technology is transforming the healthcare industry. In November of 2014, Canada saw the launch of the first ever Digital Health Week, and there were some major players involved, from the Canadian Nurses Association to the Ontario Lung Association, and a variety of others. So how is digital healthcare impacting Canadian pharmacies? In a 2014 study conducted through a partnership between the Canadian Pharmacists Association and Canada Health Infoway, it was found that Canadian pharmacists are using digital healthcare solutions regularly, and that digital platforms are playing an important role in a variety of ways, from boosting productivity and improving quality of care to assisting in the reduction of error. For example, 44% of respondents indicated that having digital access to lab results had a direct impact on quality of care, and that of those pharmacists with access to a Drug Information System (DIS), 49% were accessing these records with every patient or prescription they filled. Similarly, when exploring the impact of moving from handwritten to ePrescriptions, along with an increase in legibility there was also a significant increase in productivity for both pharmacy techs and pharmacists themselves, as well as an increase in correct doses and drugs, duration of treatment, and a decrease in time needed to fill each prescription. The benefits of digital healthcare for pharmacies are undeniable, and the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite is a vital tool for pharmacies that want to excel at delivering the highest quality medication management and client care possible. From iApotheca’s unique, user-friendly interface to our incomparable support packages, we make it easy for your staff to reduce error while increasing productivity and revenues. With our wide range of integrated modules, the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite will revolutionize your pharmacy, from general business operations to specific pharmacy tracking procedures and even accounting. The iApotheca platform is also specifically aligned with the rigorous standards set forth by Accreditation Canada, and it has been proven to be an essential tool in helping those pharmacies that are undergoing the accreditation process secure their accreditation as efficiently as possible. So if you’re interested in how iApotheca’s powerful custom business applications can streamline your pharmacy operations, increase profits and improve the business process, contact the iApotheca team today for a free demo.