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It’s Been a Busy Spring at iApotheca!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

April and May were great months for growth at iApotheca Healthcare, with the opening of our new sales office and the addition of several new staff members, as well as lots of productive communication with pharmacies from all over Canada about ways to expand and improve our platform. Things are moving along well for the iApotheca team. First up was the acquisition of our new sales office, located at 5925 Airport Road, Suite #200 in Mississauga, the perfect location for our sales & marketing team, which now includes the incomparable Drew Timbers, who joined our sales team in early May. Drew has been working very closely with Spencer to reach out to pharmacies from all over the country, and his contributions to iApotheca so far have been fantastic, we’re so pleased to welcome him to the team. Meanwhile, back in our Peterborough office, the iApotheca development team has also been expanding– we’re happy to be able to welcome new software developer Ali Daniyal who has relocated from Halifax to join the iApotheca team. Ali is a highly talented programmer with an eye for innovation, and we’re so excited to welcome him both to Peterborough and to iApotheca. We’re also thrilled to be working with Joao Marcos Amaral (pictured above), an extremely talented placement student who has come to us from Fleming College– Joao has been very busy astounding us with both his insight into the platform and his exceptional flair for intuitive design and we couldn’t be happier about working with him. Over the past couple of months we’ve also had the privilege of attending some wonderful events and connecting with a variety of inspirational people. We’d like to thank the Spark Centre for the invitation to join them for the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery Trade Show, which ran from April 27th-28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. From Keynote Speaker Eric Ries to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure Brad Duguid, the list of talented attendees was truly dazzling and the experience was invaluable. The team would also like to thank the Spark Centre for naming iApotheca Healthcare one of the top startups to watch for 2015! We were also very pleased to be able to attend the Canadian Pharmacists Conference in Ottawa from May 28th- May 31st hosted by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Ontario Pharmacists Association. From the professional development speakers and programs to the networking and social events, Spencer and Drew were able to enjoy exceptional communication with key people in pharmacy while gaining increased insight on what the iApotheca platform can do for pharmacies throughout the country- this was truly a unique and valuable opportunity. So what can you look forward to on the iApotheca blog over the next few months? The team has been hard at work improving the platform, from designing and implementing new functionality such as the Task Management and Narcotics Reconciliation modules to adding a variety of new features to our existing modules to make pharmacy life flow more efficiently. We’ll be taking you through the modules over the next several months to help pharmacists better understand how iApotheca integrates with both pharmacy operations and issues within the industry as a whole. We look forward to any comments and/or questions you may have in regard to iApotheca and we’d love to hear from you– whether to clarify any questions you may have or to book a demo with one of our iApotheca sales team. Thanks so much for supporting iApotheca through a wonderful April and May, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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