• Rachelle Smerhy

Go Green Initiatives for Your Pharmacy

The role of a pharmacist is to provide excellent service in public health, and ensuring the safety and well-being of pharmacy patients is always the number one goal. Not only do pharmacists achieve this through offering patient care, more and more pharmacy's everyday are taking the initiative to contribute public health by caring for the environment, and as a result more and more pharmacies are making an effort to ‘go green’. What is a ‘green’ pharmacy you may ask? A green pharmacy is a sustainable pharmacy; a pharmacy that is strives to achieve excellent results in patient care while operating in ways that ensures the well being of our future generations. To understand the challenges around this goal we must first understand the biggest issues facing sustainable pharmacies today. Some of the most relevant issues include: • Production issues • Transportation • Raw ingredients • Drug disposal • Outdated systems. Once a pharmacy understands the issues, its possible to set objectives and decide how to best implement these changes. Some changes may take longer than others, so if your pharmacy is working on going green, it’s a good idea to set a timeline along with your objectives. There are several simple steps you can take to ensure that your pharmacy implements an effective ‘go-green’ strategy: • Communicating with patients about proper medication disposal • Participating in take-back activities • Asking suppliers if they have certification in environmental compliance • Never mixing pharmaceutical waste with other medical waste • Creating an employee recycling program • Refusing samples However if you want to drastically minimize your carbon footprint you can also change the pharmacy's energy consumption by adopting energy-saving heating, cooling, and lighting practices or by using reverse distribution, as well as discouraging auto refill programs and upgrading older equipment and devices with newer, more energy-efficient options. By taking these simple initiatives your pharmacy can become a proud green, sustainable pharmacy and be part of the movement of green pharmacies. For more information on how the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite can help you go green as you enter the digital health age, please contact us at (800) 209-6052 to set up a free, no-obligation demo with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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