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Digital Healthcare Solutions and Patient Trust

Over the past several years there have been a couple of very important shifts in Canadian healthcare– the move toward a collaborative and team-based approach to wellness and a demand for effective digital healthcare solutions. Pharmacists play a key role in facilitating both of these changes– from using digital healthcare solutions to provide patients with the education they need about their care to ensuring the smooth integration of healthcare teams ranging from doctors, nurses, dentists and more, pharmacists are perfectly poised to both engage and communicate with patients on a wide range of healthcare topics. So how do Canadians feel about our pharmacists? According to a national poll conducted by Abacus Data in honour of Pharmacist Awareness Month in March of 2015, it was found that Canadians view pharmacists as already filling a key role in healthcare, and that the public supports a significantly increased role, with 85% of respondents advising that they feel pharmacists have adequate education and training to go beyond filling prescriptions to providing other services. The same study found that the majority of Canadians place a high level of trust in pharmacists to carry out a variety of tasks, such as providing services ranging from advice on medication (78%), managing chronic conditions (51%), smoking cessation and other forms of lifestyle health choices (57%)and guiding them through minor ailments such as colds and/or flu (67%). So how can digital healthcare technology help nurture this trust? Canadians are proud of their healthcare system and their healthcare providers, and it shows– in an online survey by Leger Marketing in 2012, it was found that 94% of respondents conveyed a feeling of pride in Canadian healthcare. Yet in a world where digital technology has become the norm across almost all industries, where consumers of all ages are accustomed to being able to access their information at the touch of a button from anywhere and at any time, the Canadian healthcare system is lagging behind other countries, and a lack of digital technology solutions can equate to a loss of patient trust. In an online survey released in 2013 by Accenture involving eight countries, it was found that Canada had the lowest overall adoption of electronic patient records and that Canada experienced no growth in e-prescribing from 2011-2012. In a variety of industries around the globe, digital technologies are widely trusted to facilitate the efficient storage and communication of information, and as such, Canada’s healthcare system is in need of effective digital platforms to help manage health and enhance patient engagement. At iApotheca Healthcare, we’re dedicated to providing powerful pharmacy solutions designed to help you enhance workflow and nurture patient trust. We’re proud of our pharmacists too, and we understand the challenges pharmacies face as the industry evolves. To book a demo or to chat with one of our sales staff about what the iApotheca staff can do for you, contact us today at 1-800-209-6052 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.