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The iApotheca Compliance Tools

As many pharmacies consider taking their operations digital in order to keep up with industry trends and ensure peak performance at all times, we at iApotheca have found ourselves fielding a variety of common questions relating to the ways our iApotheca Pharmacy Suite can assist pharmacies with processes ranging from the improvement of day-to-day operations to the facilitation of a smooth accreditation process.

The iApotheca Compliance Tools are a vital component of the iApotheca Pharmacy Suite. This unique and highly comprehensive package consists of four key modules designed to provide pharmacies access to all the functionality they need to ensure that all staff and operations are performing at peak levels at all times while maximizing revenue and reducing pharmacy error.

The iApotheca Compliance Tools consist of a number of highly effective and intuitive tools, which have been specifically developed to help streamline operations.

The iApotheca Incident Tracking and Reporting Module

The Incident Tracking and Reporting Module consists of a comprehensive series of intuitive tools designed to assist pharmacy staff in both identifying trends in operational errors and performing an effective analysis in order to reduce future errors.

The iApotheca Incident Tracking and Reporting Module has been shown to reduce pharmacy error by up to 50%, as evidenced in our iApotheca Case Study.

The iApotheca Policies and Procedures Module

This comprehensive online portal works to connect staff and enable increased and efficient communication and regard to meetings and/or follow-ups on operational changes.

The module allows pharmacy staff to share policies and procedures easily while eliminating the need to store cumbersome paper copies.

Our Policies and Procedures Module can be broken into a variety of different categories, from Infection Control to Joint Health and Safety, Patient Safety, Front Shop Procedures and many more; categories are easy to add and the module ensures quick and easy updates to all staff on a continual basis.

The iApotheca Committees and Minutes Module

The Committees and Minutes Module is designed to allow for quick and easy access to pharmacy committee actions and documentation while providing comprehensive and up-to-date access to all Committee Minutes.

The Module is divided into three distinct areas of concern– Security, Joint Health and Safety and Infection Control and allows all decisions in regard to these areas to be accessed quickly and efficiently, while additional areas can be added at the touch of a button.

The iApotheca Key Performance Indicators Module

The Key Performance Indicator Module is a simple and intuitive tool designed to allow pharmacy management to collect pertinent KPI data and share it with key staff. For many pharmacies the collection and analysis of KPI information is a long and laborious paper-based procedure and in many cases this can make the information difficult to share with team members while also making a comprehensive and solution-based analysis challenging.

The KPI module is specifically configured for Front Shop performance and revenues, pharmacy errors and Medschecks, although it has been designed to enable pharmacy team members to add other areas for analysis.

The KPI module provides a fast and intuitive method of both collecting and analyzing data in order to facilitate a full understanding of pharmacy performance as well as subsequent improvements where needed.

The iApotheca Compliance Tools are a highly valuable collection of intuitive and vital tools that have been shown to help improve workflow and communication, maximize revenue and staff performance and significantly reduce error within the pharmacy.

The Kit is also an essential component of digital pharmacy organization, helping to keep pharmacy records stored in an efficient and easily accessible format, which has proven to be of great benefit for pharmacies undergoing the accreditation process.

For more information on the iApotheca Compliance Tools contact the iApotheca staff today at (800) 209-6052– in our next article we’ll cover the iApotheca Workflow Modules and all the ways they will benefit your pharmacy!