Meet Candace

Candace is an Operations Manager responsible for scheduling the 32 staff members who work for her company.

She used to spend hours each week scheduling in confusing spreadsheets.

Candace's life was chaos.

Sick requests used to come in from all over, by text message, email, phone call… it was tough to keep up.

​But now there’s HeroChat, so scheduling just became manageable. Candace can create schedules in just minutes, publish them and send out text notifications to everyone on the team.

​Now Candace handles sick requests all in one place, at the touch of a button.

She’s notified via text message, signs into HeroChat and sends out a broadcast to all staff who can fill the shift.

Meet Candace.jpg

No more frantic phone calls trying to find a replacement; it’s covered in minutes.

And if her employees have questions? Hero the Bot answers them all, which saves Candace hours per week.

Her employees love Hero; he loves to chat, so engagement is high. 

And all those shift trades, vacation requests, and employee questions?

Shift trade requests happen right in HeroChat; Candace fills the shift in minutes on her HeroChat dashboard.

Vacation requests too! Candace approves and schedules vacation time right in the web-app.

Candace loves it!

HeroChat makes scheduling easy, with no employee onboarding or training!